Matthew Metzger | Artist’s Book | Collapse

Matthew Metzger’s new artist’s book, Collapse, created on the occasion of his current exhibition at Regards, is now available at the gallery. Rather than functioning as a direct document of the exhibition or the work contained within, the book operates as a separate point of entry into the larger Collapse project. Each edition features a unique, hand-painted spread in the center of the book and texts by the artist, art historian Elise Archias, artist and writer Matthew Goulish of Every house has a door, and artist David Schutter.

Matthew Metzger
Artist’s book with acrylic paint, vellum, ink, 400 grit sandpaper, yupo paper, hand-embossed images on 285gsm archival paper, and hand-embossed cover on archival rag board
edition of 24
Price and more images available upon request.