Nazafarin Lotfi
Chicago and Tuscon, AZ
Born 1984 (Tehran)


MFA, School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Post-Baccalaureate Certificate, School of the Art Institute of Chicago

BA, University of Tehran, Iran


Become Ocean,, Montreal, Canada
Negative Capability, Regards, Chicago

Poiesis, Fernwey Gallery, Chicago
White Light, with Fatima Haider, Andrew Rafacz Gallery, Chicago

Love at Last Sight, Brand New Gallery, Milan, Italy

Circles, Tony Wight Gallery, Chicago

inbetween, Autumn Space, Chicago


Waving, Unisex Salon, Brooklyn
Drawings, paintings, maybe a sculpture 2, Everybody Gallery, Tucson, AZ
Under Influence, Ralph Arnold Gallery, Curated by Edra Soto, Chicago
Elsewhere, Joseph Gross Gallery, Tucson, AZ

The Shortest Distance Between Two Points, Chicago Artists Coalition, Curated by Caroline Picard, Chicago
Group Portrait, Unisex Salon, Brooklyn
Sedentary Fragmentation, Heaven Gallery, Curated by Kimia Maleki, Chicago
Finger Flowers, organized by Sean Ward, Yellow Compound, Oak Park, IL
The Dangerous Professor, Triumph Gallery, Chicago, IL
This here, Regards Gallery, Chicago, IL

The Particular Poetics of Things, curated by Anastasia Karpova Tinari, Goldfinch Gallery, Chicago, IL
Welcome to the End, Franklin, Chicago, IL
Forms of Exchange, Yellow Compound, Oak Park, IL
The Annual, Chicago Artists Coalition, Chicago, IL
This Room is a Work Made Up of People, Museum Education, Art Institute of Chicago
Resonant Objects, Logan Center Exhibitions, Chicago, IL
Resonant Objects, Arts Incubator, Chicago, IL
Messages in the Street, curated by Allison Glen, Chicago, IL
Century Safe, Roman Suzan Gallery, curated by Jessica Cochran, Chicago, IL

Found/Made, Cleve Carney Art Gallery, Glen Ellyn, IL
Works on Floor, Heaven Gallery, curated by Aron Gent, Chicago, IL

Slow Read, Glass Curtain Gallery, Chicago, IL
Reading Room, Julius Caesar, Chicago, IL
Psychosexual, Curated by Scott Hunter, Andrew Rafacz Gallery, Chicago, IL
Pattern Recognition, Ana Cristea Gallery, New York, NY

Eclectic Coherence, Curated by Dawoud Bey, Chicago Expo, Chicago, IL
Not Safe for Work, DUVE Berlin, Berlin, Germany


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