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February 13 – Christopher Aque (Regards, 2015) in What came of picking flowers? at Motel

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September 4 – Nick Bastis (Regards, 2015) featured in XII Baltic Triennial at Contemporary Art Center, Vilnius

August 23 – Noelle Allen (Regards, 2016) featured in 2nd Terrain Biennial, Oak Park, IL (other locations across the U.S.)

July 11 – Matthew Metzger (Regards, 2015) installation included in The Freedom Principle at Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago

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May 27 – EXPO Chicago exhibitors announced

May 1 – Nick Bastis (Regards, 2015) in Occupational Therapy at Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis

April 22 – Nick Bastis (Regards, 2015) in collaboration with Liudvikas Buklys for “Liudvikas Buklys. Tongues Alike” at Contemporary Art Center, Vilnius, curated by Post Brothers

April 21 – Matthew Metzger (Regards, 2015) in “The Works” at Contemporary Art Center, Brussels, curated by Dieter Roelstraete and Abigail Winograd, in collaboration with Elénore de Sadeleer

April 5 – Noelle Allen (Regards upcoming, 2016) in Evanston Biennial through April 26, reviewed in Newcity by Maria Gigenti

April 4 – Kristen Van Deventer (currently at Regards, and Murmurs, 2014) in Other Ways and Means at Marc Foxx, Los Angeles

March 14 – Aline Cautis (Regards, 2014) in Crude Alcehmies at Loudhailer, Los Angeles

March 14 – Fred Schmidt-Arenales’ Albatross (Regards, 2015) broadcast TODAY at 3pm (CST) on KCHUNG in LA

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