Finally I’m returning to you
It has been many many long months
Since last I slept in my very own bed
Tomorrow I turn fifteen
Simaya will go away
To Roger Williams College
In the fall
In the fall
And Amanda to Hesser
I still don’t have a boyfriend
I’m flat and I have a zit
And my period
Life sucks

(Lyrics from Life Sucks by Melina Ausikaitis, 1992.)

Melina is a Chicago artist and musician.  Her work utilizes a variety of media as she explores anecdotal moments in the life of an imaginative woman. Currently Melina is continuing her collaboration with the Hubbard Street dancer and choreographer Jonathan Fredrickson.  She has curated the art displayed at Chicago’s Rainbo Club for the past six years.  Melina also performs with a handful of accomplished Chicago-based musical projects including the band Joan of Arc.




















All photos credit Sergio Roca