Can a credit be dispossessed?
‘R acknowledges the existence of R (as a stranger)’ *

The exhibition consists of two works—

Resolutions Dogs (2018, 2022) is a digital package which contains an original silent movie and borrowed sound and subtitle files. It is conceived of as a little machine, dispensing various surfaces of information which struggle to make contact but do–through genre, ‘beat,’ and mimesis. In the filmed scenario, soldiers, trees, camouflage, and the cinematic registers through which they all appear, seem to have misunderstood an Order. What is watched, heard, and read are not hard-coded together but are played in tandem, coming in and out of consonance, each with their own cadence and inflection.

Big trap (2022) is made mostly from wall materials and pvc, pressure-fit in the upstairs cranny.

*Death by Hanging (1968)

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