Confronting​ issues of self tokenizing and the sanctity of sincerity in identity work, ​I Am A Potted Palm is a two-part performance event, an accidental collection, and part of the evolving performance and video series Is This What You Wanted. Taking place at Regards, the first part manifests as a durational meditation on limpieza espiritual, or spiritual cleansing, ​engaging elements of hybrid spiritual practices and creating a microclimate amidst the gallery’s current exhibition, Slant, a sound installation by Ethan Rose. Following the performance at Regards, this action continues with the artist delivering each palm to Defibrillator Gallery in advance of part two of I Am A Potted Palm taking place at 7p on February 8 as an evening length performance amongst the palms, including moving image, objects, actions, light oceans, and fuchsia skies. Presented as part of IN>TIME16 Performance Festival.

Stephanie Acosta is a multidisciplinary artist focused on the exploration of the experiential, incorporating concrete objects, ensemble performances and documentary filmmaking as modes of inquiry. By placing the materiality of the ephemeral at the root of her practice, Acosta questions the making of immovable meanings in our manufactured limitations. Acosta currently resides between New York and Chicago​, where she works extensively with unseen histories, performance, experimental radio, and film. Acosta can also be found creating with NO ONE IS ANYWHERE, davielshyfilms, Intrinsic Grey Productions, and past collaborators including Atom­r, Manuel Vason, and Robin Deacon. Most recently she could be found in Paris producing the upcoming project,​ The Ladies Almanack, the first feature film based on the writing of Djuna Barnes coming ​Spring 2016,​ in Chicago developing the new publication series Travel Logs with Rory Murphy, or in New York developing solo performances and video works for the series Is This What You Wanted. Acosta recently premiered Fleeting Components, a documentary series looking at the ​experimental broadcasting project Radius, and is currently working with a new ensemble on the final part of Process/Progress, a research series.