An evening with TRAUMA DOG formerly known as JIMMYBROOKS (Rachel Ellison and Cassandra Troyan), featuring a new performance, “XXX DADDY’S CAVE XXX” and other ancillary materials.

“XXX DADDY’S CAVE XXX”, is a continually developing performance calling upon an American tradition of physical control in relation to ethics of work, beauty, gender, masculinity and sports. Ellison and Troyan utilize gestures that express actions of policing forms, and the ways one breaks bonds in order to be free.

An incantation and excision of Daddy, “DADDY’S CAVE” calls upon the visionary work and worlds of Freddie Mercury, Annie Sprinkle, and Malcolm X. The performance weaves through conjured holograms of the decadent dandy, the earth loving eco-sexual whore, and the radical who lives out of strength rather than fear.

TRAUMA DOG formerly known as JIMMYBROOKS is a collaborative project between Rachel Ellison and Cassandra Troyan. Through performance, dance, and writing combined with spontaneity and play, they reconstruct the boundaries of female identity, pop culture, voyeurism, and spectatorship to formulate a heterogeneous subjectivity that seeks to create an identity out of the already present detritus of ever-fluctuating trends. Cassandra and Rachel reside in Chicago and met while attending the University of Chicago.

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Documentation from “XXX DADDY’S CAVE XXX” below: